Nineteenth Blog Entry Sun Sept 4th

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Now here’s some cool news regarding Google’s OpenSocial platform launched a few years ago to provide application programming interfaces (API’s) for interoperable open source social networks to compete with Facebook. A new specification named OpenSocial 2.0 has come to light that stresses greater social media interoperability. Could the possible rise of OpenSocial coded social networks pose a serious challenge for Facebook? Will OpenSocial add to the filter bubble problem like Google+’s Circles or will it help solve the problem by not having automatic personalization enabled by default. It is worth pondering for sure.

Also in the Facebook era is blogging on sites like WordPress and Tumblr really worthwhile or is sharing content on Facebook more appealing? It’s worth considering and discussing this in depth. I hope that blogging tools will continue to improve in quality and we can have more open source social networking tools. What will become of the Open Web if personalized filter bubbles get in the way of our accessing and sharing great quality content with others across the Web. At least Twitter is one social network with a democratizing effect on information. Having discussed personalized filter bubbles and open source social networking now extensively I think it may soon be time to move on to other topics but these topics are still certainly worth discussing if you haven’t already.



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