Twenty Second Blog Entry Mon Sept 5th

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As readers bypass ads in online articles for distraction free reading clearly alternative compensation models will certainly be needed to monetize content. As I have stated earlier it is my hope as readers utilize web based plugins like Readability or Apple’s Safari Reader to do so I hope news publishers don’t erect pay walls online but use alternative compensation models like those provided by Readability.  Nevertheless some news companies will choose to establish pay walls on their sites like the New York Times has done. Others will make mobile applications for smartphones and tablet computers like the iPad and make their content for such devices available in Apple’s App Store, a walled garden of native mobile applications in which users will have to pay for the content just as they would behind a pay wall. Putting news content in Apple’s App Store effectively hides that content behind Apple’s pay wall. So whether news companies create pay walls on the Open Web limiting access to news on their sites if you don’t pay up or they use Apple’s pay wall users will have to pay to access content online. As a supporter of the Open Web I do not think having such pay walls is fair to readers but do realize the need for publishers and writers to be fairly compensated.

Therefore I would encourage companies like The New York Times to utilize alternative compensation models like those provided by Readability instead of erecting pay-walls or using Apple’s pay-wall exclusively to distribute their content. As for readers I suggest accessing websites that don’t have pay walls whenever possible.

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