Twenty First Blog Entry Mon Sept 5th

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As I have discussed before with the launch of distraction free reading services online like Readability and browser extensions like Apple’s Safari Reader offering such functionality a need for alternative compensation models for publishers has arisen. As readers bypass ads in online articles for distraction free reading alternative compensation models will certainly be needed to monetize content. Instead of putting articles behind a pay-wall I hope more publishers will use premium services like those offered by Readability to get readers to pay for content they want to read later. The Web has time and again proven to be a transformational tool that when left open can empower users, encourage participation, and innovation and competition. That is why I have supported protections to keep the web free and open of corporate gatekeepers.

That being said I want innovation to continue on the Internet and new web companies to succeed or fail on the merits of their products or services not have corporate gatekeepers pick winners and losers online, meaning new startups would need permission to compete and innovate online. So to ensure this openness continues it is essential to maintain Network Neutrality which I have also blogged about previously. Spread the word and help get the truth out about what Network Neutrality really is and why we need to maintain it. To be clear censorship of the Internet by governments or corporations are wrong. While supporting Network Neutrality I strongly oppose the Internet Blacklist bill in Congress. Furthermore, censorship of the Internet by governments or corporations anywhere is wrong whether its in China, Iran, North Korea, Egypt etc. The unconstitutional government surveillance in the U.S. begun under the Bush Cheney Administration is also wrong and a violation of the public’s right to privacy. Surveillance should only be acceptable by government when it targets citizens or residents of a foreign country and foreign governments who may pose a threat to national security. My next post will discuss democratization and monetization of content in more detail.

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