Facebook unveils major new features at F8 Conference

Facebook which has in recent days had some user backlash over interface changes is set to revamp user profiles with its new Timeline feature  announced at their F8 conference which is sure to upset already frustrated users even more. Facebook is also focusing on integrating news discovery based on your friends’ activity in the news feed. Some of the new features are certainly welcomed others potentially annoying but have to ask how each feature contributes the filter bubble phenomenon? To its credit Facebook started rolling out new privacy controls that give users more control over who to share their posts and content with and how to share them. Yet at the same time Facebook is adding some features that make avoiding its filters seem more difficult and perpetuate the filter bubble.

Facebook already launched its subscribe feature and smart lists in recent weeks. Now its launching even more features some of which as I noted above  users like but some they strongly dislike like recent interface changes to the News Feed. Obviously those same users won’t be happy about their user profiles also being revamped for Timeline. What’s worse is aside from annoying interface changes is that some of the new features like the changes to their notifications system to show “important updates” first that I addressed in my last post can contribute to the filter bubble phenomenon as do services like the new Washington Post Social Reader app that I’ll discuss in my next post.

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