Tenth Blog Entry Sat Aug 20

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I just discovered a cool new user script called Facebook Friends created by a guy named Jeremy Keeshin who got curious about how Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm which is used by Facebook to determine what friends you interact with most and only show their posts in your News Feed. His user script called Facebook Friends lets you find out your personal friend ranking. All you need to do to use it is first create a bookmark-let named Facebook Friends  in your browser’s bookmarks toolbar using the following code provided at the end of this article for the bookmark-let’s address. Once the bookmark-let is created, login to your Facebook account if you have not yet done so and make sure secure browsing is turned off for your account. Unfortunately, this script does not work if your accessing Facebook using HTTPS. You can temporarily disable Secure Browsing in Facebook to use this script by going to Account Settings, Security Settings, Secure Browsing just make sure though when your done using it to re-activate the Secure Browsing feature.

Having turned off Secure Browsing temporarily and created the book-market open Facebook and click the bookmark-let. A list will appear over your Facebook profile ranking all your friends. The results might not seem too surprising but may seem personally embarrassing to you. The results might also be a bit off. For example, lets assume there are two friends in my top ten who I rarely interact with. I may assume that Facebook has them high in  my EdgeRank  because they recently posted vacation pictures that I scrolled through. So yes I clicked on their pages a lot lately but that would be an anomaly. Should Facebook infer that they are good friends? Try it out for yourself and sound off in the comments whether Facebook’s results are on or off mark for you. As promised here is the javascript code to use for the address of the bookmark-let:


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