Twenty Sixth Blog Entry Mon Sept 5th

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In my previous post I discussed the democratization of content across the Web and how the non-personalized neutral web can provide diversity of information providing access to even noncommercial and independent diverse sources of news. I’ve also mentioned the monetization of content, that while intellectual property theft and piracy of content is bad infringing on fair use and putting information behind pay-walls is not acceptable from a consumer standpoint. I wish to make clear that having a participatory, open, neutral unfiltered web is essential for users and for democracy. Now having addressed these issues it is my hope my posts have been informative and help educate others about the dangers of corporate control of our media and communications technologies.

So now I’ve covered Network Neutrality, the problem of the filter bubble, and a number of issues relating to spectrum policy in the United States. I’ve stated for Americans the Coalition is leading the fight for a free and neutral open Internet while’s Save Our web campaign is doing the public interest lobbying in Canada for open and nondiscriminatory access to the Web to be maintained. I hope readers have gained valuable insights form my posts and will consider sharing this information with others. So let’s build a movement for lasting positive, peaceful change that uses the open nature of the Internet to challenge power. Let us prevent the powerful from cracking down on our digital rights and defend the free and open Internet.

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