Facebook Updates Supposed To Be Personally Relevant?!

In my previous post I explained how for each user you follow/subscribe you can choose to have all their updates, most updates or only important updates show up in your News Feed. I’ve found out that Facebook determines important updates to be only updates personally relevant to each individual user. I don’t trust the important updates setting though because I’m afraid Facebook might make a mistake. They might think they know me better than they do and filter out something I’d want to know about.

So I would never consent to only accept important updates on Facebook from friends. My next post may elaborate on the problem of important updates further and discuss Facebook notifications. I’m afraid Eli Pariser was right in his TED conference speech about the filter bubble and we as users have to stand up to these companies and demand transparency and openness. If you can boycott social news platforms. I will always use Twitter when I can which is unfiltered and democratic in nature unlike the news apps on Facebook. I will also provide a new post about the new features recently unveiled at Facebook’s F8 conference soon.

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