Facebook Subscribe: How To Make All Posts Show In News Feed

Okay in my last post I mentioned Facebook’s new subscribe feature saying it provides a new way to ensure all posts show up in your News Feed. When you go to a Facebook Profile you can subscribe to if  you will see a button on top right hand corner of the profile saying Subscribe or Subscribed if your already subscribed. For each individual profile you  subscribe to will have to mouse over the Subscribe button and in the drop down menu that appears where it asks how many updates you want you can control for that user whether you want all updates in News Feed, most updates or only important updates. Wonder how Facebook determines if you pick Important which are Important updates? Will try to research and provide some insights on this question in another post.

That being said I think this subscribe feature is very interesting. In order for other users to be able to subscribe to your posts you must opt-in to allow others to do so on Facebook. The subscribe feature as I noted in previous post is really cool and provides an interesting new way to follow updates from journalists and public figures. What do you think about Facebook’s subscribe feature? Sound off in the comments!

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