Charter Communications Wants To Be The New Comcast

News reports indicate since federal regulators shot down Comcast’s bid to takeover Time Warner Cable Charter Communications has made a renewed attempt to buyout TWC. Charter is also seeking permission to buy Bright House Networks another cable company making New Charter the second biggest cable company y behind Comcast. This three way merger has its own risks for consumers and competition. Charter in an attempt to win favor with regulators is spinning itself as the anti Comcast and promising to not engage in any ISP discrimination for at least three years if the deals are approved. One acquisition may be plausible but acquiring both seems impractical and regulators should be skeptical of approving this three way merger as is. They should either allow one of the deals and block the other one with conditions, block both outright or even if they do consent to both only do so with stringent conditions attached.

Charter expects government review of the deals to conclude by winter and with approval to complete the merger by year end. It will be a waiting game to see what happens. Public comments are now being taken on this deal so anyone with concerns should make their voices heard now.


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