Facebook unveils subscribe and smart list features

Facebook has in recent weeks unveiled a number of new features even before their F8 conference. Among them was the subscribe feature an idea copied from Twitter that lets users now not only “Like” a page or follow friends but subscribe to them and smart lists a feature to automatically create new friend lists. Users  can still create friend lists on their own and if they don’t want to use the new smart lists they can hide them from their profile. It’s worth asking while some of these new features may be beneficial for users whether any new features will affect our privacy or contribute to the filter bubble?

Smart Lists as noted is a new feature to automatically create new friend lists. To its credit Facebook as mentioned above will still allow users though to create and maintain friend lists the old fashioned way. The subscribe feature is really beneficial for journalists and public figures on Facebook to share content with others.  In order for others to be able to subscribe to your profile you must optin to the feature though. Individual users on Facebook can control what updates from users they are subscribed to show up in their News Feed. I will provide instructions on how to do this in my next post.

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