Twenty Third Blog Entry Mon Sept 5th

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As I have stated earlier it is my hope news companies faced with the rise of online distraction free reading services to bypass ads won’t erect pay walls on their websites or exclusively decide to put their content behind Apple’s App Store pay wall but use alternative compensation models like those from Readability to monetize content. Of course the decision will be each company’s to make but I hope they will do right by online readers. No doubt some will choose to put all or most of their content behind a pay wall as the New York Times has done but hope plenty of others won’t resort to such measures to protect  their online content.

Intellectual property theft of content whether its music, movies, books or television shows is wrong. However, media companies using proprietary technologies to cripple fair use and render media useless would also be unacceptable. Likewise for newspapers to  put information online behind a pay-wall as I’ve stated is also wrong. The solution would be to use alternative compensation models like those provided to publishers by Readability. Readability being the service that offers readers distraction free reading by enabling users to strip out or bypass online advertising in articles.

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