Twenty Fifth Blog Entry Mon Sept 5th

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As promised at the end of my last article discussing the democratization of content across the Web using social networks like micro blogging service Twitter I will now share some insights on what to expect from a non personalized open Internet.  A non personalized open internet can be a positive force for good enabling diversity of information to be accessed something impossible with algorithmic editors that filter out content and present only information they think is personally relevant to us. The Open Internet was intended to provide us after all with a diversity of views. As a result the information we access is becoming increasingly limited thus short circuiting the Web’s potential to introduce knowledge and to build bridges between disparate viewpoints.

It is really unfortunate that some social networks are doing this. The solution is to disable automatic personalization in our social networking accounts, delete our browser history and cookies often or use private browsing as I have discussed in previous article covering solutions to pop your filter bubble. The good news is that there are open source social networks like Diaspora, Anybeat (formerly named Alltly) and even Twitter that don’t personalize our results for us so we can freely share and access diverse amounts of information.

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