Eighteenth Blog Entry Sun Sept 4th

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I believe in an Open and Participatory Web enabling free flow of communication, information and commerce online that makes it easy to share great content with others. Having written about personalized filter bubbles, open source social networks like Diaspora and Altly (now Anybeat) that are more respectful of user privacy than Facebook I wonder how Google’s Open Social web platform for such social networks will work out? Is Google using Open Social for Google+? If not why not considering Open Social was Google’s salvo against Facebook a few years back in the social networking world.  Will Facebook’s new privacy changes giving users more control of their content prevent user defections from their proprietary web platform or could it already be too late to prevent some users from leaving? These are some interesting questions to ponder. What’s better for users open source social networking sites like Social@Mozilla, Diaspora, Alltly (now named Anybeat) or the closed proprietary online services and web based platforms like Facebook for publishing and accessing information? Considering My Space used to be dominant in the social networking arena and was overtaken by Facebook just as My Space defeated Friendster earlier it is very possible for a Facebook alternative to come along and displace Facebook as king of social networking.

So what are your thoughts about social networks? Share your thoughts by posting to the comments section of this post. It would be interesting to know more about what other users think of each of these social networking websites. Certainly open source social networks that lack automatic personalization features may help reduce the threat of personalized filter bubbles ruining our democracy and depriving us from accessing worthwhile content.



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