Seventeenth Blog Entry Sun Sept 4th

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I do not believe money is speech but have seen money used to promote dishonest speech  uttered by “paid experts” which is a serious problem for a number of issues including Network Neutrality. We pay Internet service providers to move data from point to point. We don’t pay them to steer us to selected websites by speeding up access to some sites or discourage us from accessing sites by slowing down our connections or blocking access which is what they want to do. Nor do we pay them to decide what applications or services we can use on the Internet. I should be free to use Skype even if it competes with the phone company’s own services. Giving users this unimpeded choice of content and applications is the essence of “net neutrality” and has inspired unceasing innovation over the Internet. Unfortunately, Congress is under heavy pressure though from big cable and phone companies to let them carve up the Internet  so it would become like cable TV with tiered plans and limited menus of content that they would dictate. Phone and cable companies should not be able to dictate what legal content or services we use over the Internet.

So we need to spread the word and tell our elected leaders in Congress to stand up to the cable and telecom lobby for Network Neutrality rules of nondiscrimination to preserve the free and Open Internet as a participatory platform for free flow of communication, information and commerce. If you agree that we have to keep the Internet open I encourage you to join the coalition or SaveOurNet campaign if your in Canada. If we make our voices heard loud and clear Congress cannot ignore the will of the people.

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