Fifteenth Blog Entry Sun Sept 4th

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The Justice Department’s historic decision to deny AT&T’s T Mobil merger for being anti competitive and news that the FCC might do the same finding that the deal is against the public interest despite heavy lobbying by Ma Bell to get government regulators to approve the transaction is great news for consumers and the wireless market. As I have stated before this is a big win for consumers and will continue to write about new developments as they occur hopeful the public interest will prevail. With any luck no more anti competitive and harmful mergers will be approved and these agencies might one day hopefully soon use competition mandates and antitrust law to breakup anti competitive firms in the wireless market. I will discuss Network Neutrality in more depth in an upcoming post.

So what happens now that Justice has denied AT&T’s merger with T Mobil. Well as I’ve stated before no doubt AT&T will fight the lawsuit Justice filed against them in court and try to woo Justice to reconsider its terrific decision for consumers and the wireless market. We will have to continue fighting to get this merger thrown out for good and ensure Justice’s decision is not over turned but for now as I’ve stated earlier we should celebrate this win for the public interest. Screw you AT&T we’ve refused to accept your lies of the merger enabling you to deliver users better service or the deal magically giving consumers more choice. Why don’t you just cancel your transaction with T Mobil USA and Qualcomm?

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