Thirtieth Blog Entry Mon Sept 5

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Having written about how broadcast retransmission fees and bundling drive up the cost of video programming for subscribers of cable TV or satellite and how cord cutting to get cheaper or free a la carte video programming online is convenient for some users I thought I’d reflect on another instance of programmers being greedy. Some programmers think providers should have to pay more in carriage fees to offer live web streaming of their TV channels to tablets like the iPad. Fortunately, some programmers are wise and reasonable enough to understand these tablets are just another screen consumers can use in their home to watch TV and aren’t as greedy as others. Nonetheless there are some greedy programmers and a fight has started between the greedy programmers and the providers over offering live web streaming of TV channels to iPads and other devices.

I for one am supporting the providers on this issue also but as noted am at odds with big cable companies and phone companies wanting to engage in ISP discrimination as I support rules to prevent them from doing so. I will continue the discussion of iPad streaming for the next few posts and then transition to a newer topic.


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