Twenty Ninth Blog Entry Mon Sept 5th

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Having discussed bundling issues of even basic cable TV channels causing consumers to have to pay sometimes for channels they don’t want and how broadcast retransmission fee increases greedy programmers want from satellite and cable TV providers translate into higher costs for consumers who might be more happy with individual a la carte cheaper programming options I thought I’d discuss place shifting and TV Everywhere. The greedy programmers wanting higher retransmission fees now say that providers offering mobile applications for Apple’s iPad tablet computers via the App Store to stream live TV must pay more for the privilege of being able to deliver video programming to a newer screen. Fortunately, not all programmers are this greedy but this is certainly outrageous. I will discuss iPad streaming in further detail in the next post.

TV Everywhere is an industry wide authentication initiative by cable and satellite TV providers to offer online streaming of your favorite TV shows and movies for TV subscribers only. From a consumer perspective this may seem a bit anti competitive as it bundles Internet viewing with your TV service. TV Everywhere is not for consumers engaged in cord cutting the practice of discontinuing service with a TV provider to get cheap  or even free a la carte video programming online.


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