Twenty Fourth Blog Entry Mon Sept 5th

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As you can tell since yesterday I have been very busy blogging away on WordPress having added a number of new posts discussing everything from the monetization of content and alternative compensation models by Readability to AT&T’s T Mobil merger being denied. I’d now like to reflect though on the democratization of content using social networks like Twitter. Unlike Facebook and Google+’s Circles which have unfortunately ushered in the era of personalized filter bubbles Twitter has a democratizing effect on content and could be a positive force for good benefiting users and democracy itself.

You see while Twitter is a social network it is not a part of the filter bubble so it does not filter out information but presents us with the diversity we should expect on the Web.  This is what makes Twitter even better than Facebook or Google+. A number of news companies and other organizations utilize Twitter including the New York Times,, open source web developer Mozilla and even corporations like AT&T, Verizon, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook have Twitter accounts. Personally, I maintain both a public and a private Twitter account, with users wanting to follow my private account having to request and get my permission to do so. Nonetheless, Twitter can be a positive force for good. My next article will touch on the benefits of a non personalized open Internet.

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