Thirty Second Blog Entry Mon Sept 5

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Having written about how bundling issues and broadcast retransmission for video programming would like to discuss one company’s web campaigns to defend place shifting tablet apps and efforts to stop higher retransmission fees. That company is Time Warner Cable whose Roll Over or Get Tough web campaign fights against higher retransmission fees while their I Want My TWCable TV app seeks campaigns against greedy programmers wanting higher carriage fees in exchange for allowing Time Warner Cable to stream their channels to iPads and other devices. Clearly, on broadcast retransmission and the issue of iPad streaming despite the fact their streaming iPad app uses TV Everywhere I support providers like Time Warner Cable against greedy programmers.

Furthermore, I hope a fair resolution can be reached by providers and programmers on these issues that benefit consumers. In my next post will detail for cable or satellite subscribers losing channels because of retransmission fights of alternative ways they can still watch their favorite programming from such channels. Clearly in battles between programmers and providers my interests as a consumer align with the provider but when TV providers also offering Internet access try to mess with our Internet connections I oppose provider’s efforts to do so.


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