Thirty Fourth Blog Entry Mon Sep 5

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Clearly Apple’s decision to improve the online reading experience of its iPads and other mobile devices by porting their Safari Reader to iOS with the release of iOS 5 this fall, bring Safari 5.1’s Reading List to their mobile devices and launch their News Stand app to access and manage user’s in app subscriptions is a sign they intend to make the iPad compete with Amazon’s Kindle devices in the market for e-readers. As I have stated in my previous post these new features in iOS 5 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users will certainly be interesting.  Also it is worth noting that competition between Apple and Amazon may be good for consumers and the market for purchasing, accessing and consuming electronic media.

My next article will discuss how some print media companies are already developing and distributing their content in apps on Apple’s App Store. The App Store as noted in an earlier post is Apple’s pay wall content companies can use to distribute their media and make users pay for accessing and consuming it. As I stated in that article while I’m wiling to pay for content as a supporter of the Open Web I don’t want all content to become exclusively available through pay walls like Apple’s or for news websites to erect pay walls of their own.


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