Thirty First Blog Entry Mon Sept 5

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The iPad as noted is just another TV screen now for consuming, accessing and viewing content. Therefore providers should not have to pay more in carriage fees to greedy programmers to stream TV programs to such devices using apps like Time Warner Cable’s TV app for iPad. Even though these apps use the TV Everywhere authentication scheme I support the providers right to offer these apps to consumers without having to pay additional charges to programmers for doing so. Let us make it clear to greedy programmers we do not share their views that it is okay for them to double dip and demand carriage fees be paid twice. Once for providers to enable customers to view channels on their TV and a second time so viewers can access the content on tablet computers like the iPad.

My next post will discuss Time Warner Cable’s web campaign in defense of their iPad app for streaming live TV. It may also discuss their web campaign to fight higher broadcast retransmission fees. Afterward will provide a post detailing alternative applications and services you can use even if you lose channels because of a broadcast retransmission fight by your provider and a programmer to still access such programing.


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